Vendor Neutral & Open Source

DCM4CHEE installed & preconfigured!


Plug & Play(Not Plug & Pray!)

64 bit Operating System in RAID1

Data in RAID 5 with hot swap HD change

No noise, no heat, low power consumption!

About 33 million of LOSSLESS images stored!

About 200 thousand studies of all modalities stored!

Small factor, all in only  23,2x19.7x19.7x cm  and 11 kg!

Apple® Mac mini server coupled to LaCie®  4bIg Quadra RAID

Uses  of Eye-PACS

As a primary PACS to store all DICOM studies of your facility, you can couple with other Eye-PACS outside to safely have a live replica of your data.

As a secondary PACS, between your multi-slice CT and your main PACS, store all CT data in the Eye-PACS and only the relevant and post-processed data in the main PACS, avoiding overloading of the last one. 

What do we sell to you?

You can buy your hardware and get the software for free from http://sourceforge.net/projects/dcm4che but if buy Eye-PACS you get an efficient equipment, with an optimized 64 bit Operating System, all programs cleanly compiled, tested, fine tuned and configured with your LAN and DICOM nodes settings, with automatic nightly Database Backups and we sent the Eye-PACS to you, free shipping wherever you are!

Before you buy, email us your LAN and DICOM settings so we can start with your Eye-PACS soon as we receive the payment.